Springdale Health Association has its roots in the early history of Springdale because it was formed by the people who have lived and worked in this small rural community most of their lives. It all has to do with paying attention to, and caring about your neighbor.

small transparent SHA logoMission: To serve the health of our neighbors with care and attention.

Vision: For all our neighbors to enjoy healthy vibrant life in a community that values their being.

Values: We hold to the importance of the freedom to choose as we gain knowledge through relationship.

Then and now photos.

Living in rural America certainly has its benefits and most of the folks in and around Springdale are here because they value those benefits, but there are some difficult drawbacks. Long hours of travel is a price most are willing to swallow for the sake of the country life, but when it comes to health services that are needed in a hurry or frequently it can be a challenge that overwhelms some of the rural folk.

SHA was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit geared toward bringing clinical health services into the town.

One women tells the story of a desperate situation of her nine year old son being stung by a bee on the ankle and having an anaphylactic reaction. She was an hour away from the nearest emergency room on a good day. This was not a good day and the axle of her car fell to the ground as she pulled out of her home onto a dusty country road. With the help of neighbors it was another thirty minutes before she arrived at the Springdale clinic with a son who could no longer see out of his swollen eyes and beginning to struggle with his breath. She believes he may not have made it another thirty minutes to the hospital, but he didn’t have to, because the clinic had what was needed and rescued the boy as if it were all in a days work.

SHA continues to involve itself wherever the health of neighbors are a concern. We hope to see changes in transportation issues for the elderly and injured. Drug and alcohol abuse prevention in our children is an active arena.  Good food and healthy life styles are being promoted through SHA to further serve the community. We hope this forum will help to consolidate the people here and connect us with a wider society of health care.